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DEWALT Stud Finder, 3/4”, Locate Framing Studs Efficiently with LED Arrows, Ideal for Wood and Metal, AAA Batteries Included (DW0100)

  • Center-find technology to easily find the center of the stud
  • Detection depth of 3/4 in. for wood and metal
  • AC and live wire detection for added safety
  • Constant auto-calibration to save time during use
  • Center marking channel for added convenience
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Eliminate the guesswork with this center detect Stud Finder that has a detection depth of 3/4 in. for wood and metal. While traditional stud finders locate the edge of the stud, this one locates the center for a more efficient read. The finder is constantly calibrating to save time during use. Once the stud is located, an audible alert and directional LED arrows clearly notify the user. You can easily mark the center of the stud with the center marking channel.

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