Nemo GRABO (1 Battery 1 Seal)


NEMO GRABO Kit includes :

  • GRABO Classic portable electric vacuum lifter with analog pressure gauge
  • Battery and battery charger
  • Foam Rubber Seal preinstalled on the tool
  • Rugged nylon carrying bag
  • Replacement filters
  • English manual and colorful display box

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Introducing the Nemo GRABO 1 battery 1 seal, the world’s first electric battery-operated suction cup. With its robust, user-friendly design and exceptional lifting capabilities, it quickly became a top-selling sensation. The pressure is conveniently displayed on a mechanical pressure gauge located on the base of the tool, ensuring easy visibility. Prior to lifting the material, you can use the gauge to confirm that you are within the safe lifting range, providing added peace of mind.

Powered by the GRABO vacuum pump, this extraordinary device moves an impressive 20 liters of air per minute, resulting in an immense lifting capacity. It effortlessly handles nearly any surface weighing up to 375 lbs (170 kgs), making it a reliable choice for a wide range of lifting tasks.

Equipped with a patented foam rubber seal, the Nemo GRABO boasts exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. In the event of any damage, the seal is easily replaceable, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and prolonged usability. Upon activation, the GRABO creates a secure seal within seconds, firmly adhering to nearly any surface, including uneven and slightly porous ones, with remarkable gripping power.

For enhanced versatility, the GRABO features four steel lifting lugs thoughtfully positioned on both sides of the tool handle. This design enables seamless integration with lifting straps and a variety of additional attachment accessories, expanding the tool’s capabilities to meet your specific lifting requirements.

To demonstrate our confidence in the GRABO, we provide a comprehensive 12-month factory warranty. By registering your product on our website, you can extend the warranty to an impressive 18 months. Moreover, our dedicated professional technical support team is based in the US, ready to assist you with any issues or concerns. We are committed to ensuring your productivity and satisfaction.

Elevate your lifting experience with the Nemo GRABO – the pioneering electric battery-operated suction cup that combines strength, convenience, and reliability.


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